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You are invited to join us in celebrating Sukkot Northwest 2013 at Finley Butte in La Pine, Oregon!


The Dates of the Festival:

First, we'll begin with a discussion of the dates for the festival in 2013, then following that (scroll down) is the information about the daily schedule. The dates are based on the expected sighting of the new moon of the 7th month on the evening of 9/7/13, which remains to be confirmed.

Chag Sukkot = Feast of Tabernacles is a 7-day long Feast, an appointed time of YHVH from the 15 through 21st days of the 7th month. The first day is a Sabbath and commanded assembly. This prophetically points to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb and the Millennial Kingdom. Sunset 9/21 through sunset 9/28/13.

Shemini Atzeret = 8th Day Assembly is a Sabbath and commanded assembly immediately following Chag Sukkot. It is an appointed time of YHVH that prophetically points to olam haba (the world to come), which is the New Jerusalem. Sunset 9/28 through sunset 9/29/13.

Graphic showing Sukkot NW 2013 Dates

Some wonder why the traditional Jewish Calendar (known as the Hillel II calendar) shows the Feast of Sukkot this year as beginning on Wednesday evening, September 18th, but we are beginning on Saturday evening, September 21st. This goes back to the beginning of the year at Pesach (Passover) time. Scripture tells us to begin the count of months (the new year) when the barley crop in Israel is “aviv.” The barley in Israel was found to be aviv by more than the required 2-3 witnesses and the new year began at the sighting of the next new moon the evening of 3/13/13. The Hillel II calendar, which is the traditional Jewish calendar established in the 4th century CE (also known as AD), is calculated and estimates the aviv barley and new moons. It served its purpose when Israel was not living in her land, but we believe the calendar is being restored at this time and we desire to follow scripture over traditions. We do not argue about the calendar and we simply urge you to keep the Feast. Sukkot NW follows the calendar year based on the aviv barley in Israel and the months beginning at the sighting of the first visible sliver of the new moon from Israel. We invite you to celebrate with us regardless of which calendar you are following this year!

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Festival Schedule

Sukkot NW celebration begins after Sabbath, 9/21/13 at 7:30 pm with a Sukkot sing-along at LaPine State Park Campground (South Loop Campsite #14) (map). You will want to bring your own camp/lawn chair. You are welcome to join us earlier that afternoon for a pre-Sukkot Shabbat study at 1 pm at the same campsite, again bring your own chair. The SukkotNW welcome table opens from 9:30 to 10:15 am the following morning 9/22 in the Finley Butte Park Building to pick up your name tags, lulavim, and your welcome information packets. Services begin at 10:30 am immediately following.

For those who want to join in, we will be building the community Sukkah and setting up SukkotNW from noon to approximately 4:30 pm on Friday, 9/20th at the Finley Butte Park Building. The park is located in the Central Oregon town of La Pine at the intersections of Finley Butte Road and Walling Lane (see map).

Each day begins with prayer, live praise and worship, and a speaker. We will be learning from a variety of interesting and inspiring speakers on our topic this year that focuses on spiritual preparation for these perilous times. On the Sabbath days of this festival we will gather for afternoon teaching sessions as well. On the other days of the Feast, our afternoons are free time from lunch through dinner to explore the area, shop, ride bikes, fish, hike, etc., and we will gather in the evenings for times of fellowship around the campfire at LaPine State Park, a Pre-Teen/Teen Fun Night, the Newlywed/Oldie-Wed/Truly-Wed Game, stargazing at the Oregon Observatory, and an Erev Shabbat service with a Feast dinner. Two mornings we'll meet for praise & worship at the meeting hall, then head out to a local natural area for the teaching time on a scriptural subject related to that area. As is our tradition, one day is left open all day. For those wanting a Mikvah (immersion in living water), the Deschutes River is close by.


Some of the speakers and topics you'll hear at Sukkot NW 2013:

Other subjects to be taught include:


You are asked to bring food for the daily snack tables at Finley Butte Park and for the evening sukkah parties at La Pine State Park. Please bring enough to satisfactorily feed you and your family as well as extra food to share. Sukkot NW provides coffee, tea and hot cocoa, but you are welcome to bring your own as well. Most meals are on your own. There are grocery stores, restaurants and quick meal eateries throughout the area.

On the sabbaths of the festival, consider packing a picnic lunch in a cooler to bring with you to eat in the park (or inside if you prefer) as we are meeting all day.

Erev Shabbat Dinner

Erev Shabbat means "sabbath evening", which is at the beginning of Sabbath. We will welcome the weekly 7th day Shabbat with a service and dinner on Friday evening, 9/27, beginning at 6:00 pm. Roasted chicken, challah, wine and grape juice (for the blessings) will be provided. Please plan to contribute both a side dish AND a salad or dessert to this Feast dinner. This year there is a small charge to cover expenses for the dinner.


We value that children and parents are together as a family during services and a separate youth program is not offered during the morning services. All youth are invited to participate in the worship and dance. Please bring quiet activities for your younger children during the teaching times. There is a playground directly next to the meeting hall for the younger set who need to get out and stretch their legs a bit.

Your children (and grandchildren) will be making many friends at Sukkot and there is much to do and see in the area that interests the youth as well as adults. Families may participate in suggested activities during the free times or venture out on their own or with new friends to enjoy the area's outdoor recreation or sightseeing.

Many youth bring their homework with them to SukkotNW. You'll notice on the schedule below that 3 afternoons have been set aside for homework if desired. The La Pine branch of the Deschutes County library has wi-fi and reservable computers with internet access available. If under 17 years old, parental permission is required to use the library's internet stations. This means that if your child needs internet access for their studies, plan to go into the library to sign their permission form or your child will not be granted access. Adults who have students have agreed to be at the library on both Tuesday and Thursday. In the past, the La Pine library has allowed food in one study area, and often the students will take their lunch with them to the Library.

Daily Schedule

Our planned schedule is as follows (with the usual caveat that it is subject to modification). Not all activities are shown on this schedule. A final detailed schedule will be provided to you in your welcome packet.

Graphic showing the schedule for each of the days of Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret

PDF printable schedulePrintable schedule overview